Unibiere INT

Unibiere INT. originated thanks to the hard work of passionate beer lovers. In 2015 we sell in more than 30 countries. Our warehouse is located in Anderlues, and is easy to reach from the highways. We offer a wide variety of Belgian beers and beers from the whole world.

We offer our clients a complete, tailored service: support, development of ideas, processing of offers and orders, logistic handling and billing, while providing all the necessary export documents.

We work transparently towards client as well as towards the breweries.

Unibiere INT. develops a planning yearly together with the breweries respecting the mutual agreements. In this way we collaborate with the growth of the breweries and we help to make them known.

The clients can find all their beers at one location: one negotiation, one transport and one document at competitive prices.

In summary: an excellent service towards client and brewery from beginning to end.

Coming Soon: Nivard Trappist beer

This new trappists bright white foam is compact with many fine pores and the smell of the Trappist hop shows a fruity note. This note turns into a slight bitter delight and the unfiltered full beer gives you a pleasant prickly kick in the end.

New release by Brussels Beer Project: Oyster Stout "Babeleir de Bretagne"

This Stout was brewed with hundreds of oyster shells coming straight from the famous oyster farm "Prat Ar Coum" in Bretagne, a few kilometers away from where Sébastien grew up.

"When we thought of a Xmas beer, we wanted to do something different so we looked overseas towards New Zealand & Ireland where oyster stouts are popular."

Get a taste of Bretagne in your mouth and feel the subtle breath of sea air!